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New blog location..

Thanks to some complications with, I’m starting up a fresh blog here at  My Penn State blog can still be found here.  You can also find me on Twitter, and Facebook, and my main site at

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  • Network Diagram of Blog Comments
    This is a basic visualization is a network diagram representing the interaction between students via blog comments in a Liberal Arts course for a research study I led.  In this diagram:  Each node represents a student, and each connection represents a comment between two students.  The size of the node reflects the number of connections (comments) that node […]
  • Focusing on Classroom Technologies
    Over the past few weeks, Brian Young and I have been consulting with faculty on the use of lecture capture, as part of our Echo360 pilot.  It's been very interesting doing this with Brian, firstly because he's smart and really understands education, but also because he's been responsible for much of the pedagogical side of our Clickers impleme […]
  • Abilene Reflections: Mobile Track/Part 2 (DoubleTake)
    You can find my Abilene Reflections Part 1 here.I had the pleasure of getting to spend a lot of time talking to Kyle Bowen from Purdue University. Kyle is the Director of Informatics at Purdue, and manages the group responsible for some very innovative educational technologies that you may be familiar with, including Hotseat , a tool used to facilitate in-cl […]